The 2022 Berkeley Lab Research SLAM was held on Thursday, September 22nd, at Berkeley Lab's Cafeteria Patio. The culminating live event was co-hosted by Sinead Griffin, Staff Scientist at the Material Sciences Division, and Bashir Mohammed, Computational Systems Engineer in the Scientific Data Division. Twelve finalists took the stage to communicate their science in a clear and concise three minutes to impress the panel of esteemed judges.  

First place went to Sarah Gleeson, ESA. Second place went to Mohammed Ombadi, EESA. Third place went to Aparajitha Srinivasan, BSA. The People's Choice Award winner was Ying Wing, BSA. 

Sarah, Mohammed, and Aparajitha will advance to the regional Bay Area Research SLAM on October 20 to compete against the finalists from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Sandia National Labs, and SLAC National Lab. 

1st Place

Sarah Gleeson

Energy Sciences

"The Shape of Water"

2nd Place

Mohammed Ombadi

Earth & Environmental Sciences

"From Survive to Thrive:

A Story of Resilience"

3rd Place

Aparajitha Srinivasan


"Choosing the Right Road to Aroma"

People's Choice Award

Ying Wang


"Finding Microbes' Favorite Food"