2020 Berkeley Lab research Slam

The 2020 Berkeley Lab Research SLAM took place on Thursday, September 17, 2020 virtually through ZOOM. The culminating live event was co-hosted by David Gilbert, Senior Manager of Communications and Outreach at the Joint Genome Institute, and Sinead Griffin, Staff Scientist at the Material Sciences Division.

Twelve finalists took the stage to communicate their science in a clear and concise three minutes to wow the panel of judges. This year, we had a surprise 2nd place tie, and had 4 finalists recognized as SLAM award recipients. Revathi Jambunathan, Research Scientist with Computing Sciences, took the coveted grand prize this year!

First Place

Revathi Jambunathan

"Pulsars - Heartbeats of our Universe"

Revathi Jambunathan, Research Scientist with the Computing Sciences, was awarded First Place for her talk on "Pulsars - Heartbeats of our Universe."

Second Place

Sara Gushgari-Doyle

"Two Percent"

Sara Gushgari-Doyle, Research Scientist with Earth & Environmental Sciences, was awarded second place for her talk on "Two Percent."

Second Place

Mariah Parker

"Radioactive Puzzle Pieces"

Mariah Parker, Research Scientist with Energy Sciences, was awarded Second Place for her talk on "Radioactive Puzzle Pieces."

People's Choice

Jonelle Basso

"Unleashing the Power of Single Cell Microbes"

Jonelle Basso, Research Scientist with the Joint Genome Institute, was awarded the People's Choice Award for her talk on "Unleashing the Power of Single Cell Microbes."