2019 Slam results in!

The 2019 Berkeley Lab Research SLAM took place on Thursday, September 19, 2019 in the Lab's Building 50 Auditorium. The culminating live event was co-hosted by David Gilbert, Senior Manager of Communications and Outreach at the Joint Genome Institute, and Sinead Griffn, Staff Scientist at the Material Sciences Division. Twelve finalists took the stage to communicate their science in a clear and concise three minutes to wow the panel of judges.

The 2019 Berkeley Lab Research SLAM is available to watch on YouTube.

Wenhao Sun,

First Place

Wenhao Sun, Research Scientist in the Material Sciences Division was awarded first place for his talk on "Mapping Unchartered Chemical Spaces".

Bashir Mohammed,

Second Place

Bashir Mohammed, Postdoc in the Computational Research Division was awarded second place for his talk on " "7.1 (Seven Point One)".

Tess Smidt,

People's Choice

Tess Smidt, Postdoc and Alvarez Fellow in the Computational Research Division, selected by our live audience and watch-party participants, was awarded People's Choice.